Dear friends, I am glad to welcome you on the pages of TurMed site.

Yahya OztelMy name is Yahya Oztel, I am a cardiologist. I created this site to show you Turkey from the new unknown side. The country which is famous not only due to its extremely rich history, the comfort of hotels, beaches, entertainment and the beauty of natural landscapes, but also thanks to its healthcare system.

I graduated from the Bogomolets National Medical University in Kiev; Ukraine has been my second motherland for already more than 17 years.
It is possible to say that I know the Ukrainian medicine so to speak "from within". It is not a secret that in Ukraine too little money is allotted for healthcare, and due to this the Ukrainian physicians have no possibility to take advantage of the newest technologies, modern medical equipment, and unfortunately not always can help to treat many serious diseases. As a cardiologist sometimes I had to consult my Turkish colleagues to enable a patient to receive additional information and as an alternative to have an international opinion concerning his/her treatment.

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The people who did not receive proper medical care in Ukraine and Russia started to turn to me more and more often. Some needed free consultation of a foreign specialist, some were searching for a clinic abroad. Of course today the majority of people still think that the best healthcare service is provided in Germany and Israel and few people know that during the last years Turkey has made a grandiose breakthrough in the healthcare sphere. Since the Turkish authorities are interested in the development of medicine and medical tourism, they have tried to make the treatment in the clinics of the country more affordable for all the population strata, so the treatment cost is much lower compared to other European countries. Despite this a lot of private clinics in Turkey have JCI accreditation (JointCommissionInternational, USA) - a Golden quality standard which puts them in line with German clinics.

Highly qualified specialists, excellent service and highly skilled medical personnel, the newest medical equipment and affordable cost of treatment – this all is a powerful stimulus to choose Turkey as a place of treatment or rehabilitation.
During 2 years I sent for treatment over 350 patients and I never had any complaints, since Acibadem and Medical Park healthcare Groups with which I collaborate, offer a wide spectrum of services in the healthcare sphere.
The use of the newest technologies and scientific elaborations has led to excellent results in cancer diagnostics and treatment. Wide use of such modern equipment as cyber-knife, gamma knife, DaVinci, FlashСТ, together with a well-adjusted system and a complex approach, made cancer treatment in Acibadem corporation clinics not only possible but even comfortable for our patients. A tremendous breakthrough in the transplant surgery sphere belongs to the Healthcare Group Medical Park due to the efforts of which about 500 organ transplantation operations of any level of difficulty are made annually.

Medical Park Healthcare Group and Acibadem Corporation own 34 multi-field clinics equipped with the newest advanced medical equipment where you can receive highly qualified medical care.

The government of Turkey supports the development of private medicine and medical tourism. Last year 500 thousand tourists from other countries visited Turkey with the aim of receiving treatment.