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Treatment of liver cancer

Treatment of liver cancerThe liver cancer emerges as abnormal growth of cells inthe liver,as a result of which liver tumor is formed. If abnormal cancer cellsemerge in the liver, such liver cancer is called primary. Some liver tumors are benignant — they do not spread onto other body parts. Malignant liver tumors can sprout in other organs and spread all over the organism.

A widespread form of liver cancer is metastases in the liver. In this case cancer cells from other body partsare transferred to the liver together with blood or other liquids. Metastases in the liver can be caused by oncological diseases of colon, lungs, mammary gland, stomach and pancreas.

Symptoms of liver cancer, as a rule, appear on the background of chronic diseases - cirrhosis, virus hepatitis. The occurrence of stomach ache or its aggravation – this symptom often testifies to large sizes of tumor or itsspreading beyond the liver. Long-term rise in body temperature whichcan notbe explained by other reasons, heaviness in right hypochondrium, occurrence of ascites – a congestion of liquid in the abdominal cavity,yellow disease, decrease in body weight, brightly expressed weakness, absence of appetite, stomach swelling – the signs which can not be explained by other reasons, also are the symptoms of liver cancer, however they can also be the signs of other diseases.


  • Radio surgery — robotized radio surgical system CyberKnife G4 effectively, without blood and scalpel treats cancer and deletes metastases (secondary tumors) in the liver without typical risks inherent in traditional surgical operations. It is very important, especially for those patients who have contra-indications to operative intervention, for example, when the tumor is too close to vitals. CyberKnife G4 can treat these tumors, as a rule, with the minimum by-effects
  • Surgical operation — removal of cancer tumor from theliver, the neighboringtissues and, possibly, the neighboring lymph nodes as well
  • Criosurgery— destroys tumors by means of freezing them through metal probe
  • Ethanol-ablation — kills cancer cells by means of alcohol infusion made directly into the tumor
  • Beam therapy — use of radiation for destruction of cancer cells and tumor reduction
  • Chemotherapy — drug intake for destruction of cancer cells. Can be taken in the form of tablets, intravenous injections, and be infused through catheter directly into liver
  • Biological therapy – the use of medical products and substances to increase or restore natural protective forces of the organism against cancer