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Spinal cord tumors

Spinal cord tumorsSpinal cord tumors are tumors developing from parenchyma of spinal cord, its radices, membranes or vertebras. They are subdivided into extra- and subdural, extra- and intramedullary. Pains in vertebral area (both drawing pain and shooting pain), which get stronger in the lying position and less intense- when the person stands up, can be the symptoms of spinal cord cancer. In the course of the further tumor growth the symptoms depend on the tumor location - depending on what part of spinal cord is damaged by the disease, there can be severe pains, decrease in sensitivity in the neck area, clavicles, top and bottom extremities; often motor disturbances occur such as paresis and even paralyses.

Diagnostics of spinal cord tumors:

1. Magnetic and resonant tomography.
2. Computer tomography.


Main treatment for extramedullary tumors is surgical. The tumors located dorsally and dorsolaterallyare most accessible for removal. In the case of intramedullary tumors in certain cases operative intervention is also made (sometimes in two stages). As of today the system CyberKnife is the most advanced all over the world, the best world experts in the field of cancer treatment recognized it as the most successful and productive. Appearance ofa modern radio surgical method CyberKnife provides patients with more new possibilities in the treatment of spinal cord tumors, than all methods which existed before. The size of a spinal cord tumor must not exceed 150cc. Metastatic tumors of spinal cord have been treated all over the world for a long time already by means of the CyberKnife. It also concerns patients for whom usual operative intervention and beam therapy is counter-indicative. Many patients all over the world, who used to have no other choice except for traditional surgery, now have found a new hope