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Question: what is the advantage of TurMed compared to other companies which are engaged in the organization of medical treatment abroad?

Answer: Our patients pay directlyto the hospitals’ cash accounts, and they pay USUAL PRICE!

If modern medicine makes it possible to cure a certain disease, we can help you for sure. We are not limited by the opinion of one medical center only. The best healthcare systems of Turkey are at your disposal.

Question: what is the advantage of turning to TurMed and not directly to a medical center?

Answer: there are a lot of such advantages. Let us name some of them.
1. We offer you a possible way of treatment and rehabilitation at the prices of 3-5 medical centers and you won't waste your precious time, asking different people the same questions. A manager will be attached to you - one person whom you will keep in contact with, concerning all the questions related to selecting of the variant which is most suitable for you.
2. Hospitals prefer to focus their time and efforts on those who arealready undertreatment, that is why it is not easy at all to receive detailed information from them about that is expecting you when you arrive. And we will prepare for you a full package of documentation translated into Turkish language, and reserve a place in the clinicfor you. Upon your arrival in Turkey you will precisely know where you will be treated, how much time it will take and how much money you will need to spend.
3. We will solve all problems with documents, visas, transfers, and will provide the answer to your inquiry within the 48 hours period.
4. As it is known, to be under treatment in a foreign country is hard, and sometimes even frightening. We will represent your interests since the moment of your turning to our company and until the termination of your treatment or rehabilitation course.
5. Add to this the fact that our services are provided to patients absolutely free of charge.

Question: Who might need the services of TurMedcompany?

Answer: Our services are necessary to people who decided to go abroad to obtain qualified medical assistance. By using the representative office of Acibademcorporation and Healthcare Group Medical Park, potential patients obtain access to the leading specialized medical clinics in Turkey. You do not need to search for long for the needed information indifferent databases, you simply have to turn to us.

Question: what is the cost of your services on the organization of treatment abroad?

Answer: Our services are offered free of charge. Since we are the official representatives of the Healthcare Group Medical Park and the Healthcare Group Acibadem, you can use our services without paying additionally, and the treatment cost sheet is made according to the usual price-list of any medical center as if you had turned there directly.

Question: what documents does one have to prepare in order to receive an intelligible answer concerning the diagnosis, treatment, and the treatment cost if it is necessary?

Answer: As a rule, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • Last name/First Name/ Patronymic as specified in your passport
  • Country of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Clinical record / Extract from the clinical record
  • Latest tests
  • Diagnostic materials (МRТ, CТ, ultrasound examination) preferablyrecorded on the electronic media - CD, X-ray pictures
  • Pathology reports
  • If you have received a treatment already it is necessary to add the list of the passed procedures, as well as the list of medications that you are taking or have taken.
  • It is desirable to have a description ofthe patient’s present condition as well as his/her complaints.
  • The more detailed information is received initially, the morecorrectly further actions can be determined.
Question: how longdoes it take you to answer an inquiry?

Answer: Within 48 hours you will receive an answer provided you have sent all documents correctly.

Question: do you provide assistance in the hotel and air tickets booking? Do you provide translation service?

Answer: Of course we take care of all organizational aspects of your trip. We will book the tickets for a flight or for any other type of transportation which is convenient for you, for example bus or ship. We will inform the clinic when and bywhat type of transport you arrive to Turkey so that you would be met at the airport or at the train station and accompanied to the clinic or hotel. Upon your arrival in the clinic you will have an appointment arranged with the doctor who will provide you with consultation and medical comment on the medical documents sent to Turkey beforehand. Throughout the course of examination and treatment the patient is accompanied by a translator.
If necessary, we will also provide you with translation service for communication with doctors.

Question: Can I receive a detailedmedical commentfrom a foreign specialist without him seeing me?

Answer: Yes. If you send us your complete clinical record, accompanied by any corresponding X-ray pictures and the laboratory research results by e-mail, fax or regular post, you will get it during 48 hours.

Question: Why doyou have no price list for treatment on your site?

Answer: Many patients who are guided by the prices specified at the site in the price-list, upon their arrival inthe clinic are unpleasantly surprised, since the price of treatment turns out to be much higher. Prices change not because at the sitetheyare shown incorrectly - but because they are approximate. Each patient needs his/her own special complex of services of examination and treatment, therefore we provide the patient with determination of the treatment price as soon as we receive the information about the state of the patient’s health and the needed procedure. After a consultation is made on each specific case there will be made an individual treatment estimate – and not by one clinic only but by several clinics. And if necessary you can choose where exactly you would like to obtain your treatment.
TurMed Company guarantees that the price we told you before your departure is the overall cost for a complex of services, namely examination and treatment, and no more surcharges will be required. Also we want to remind youthat payment is to be made at the clinic’s cash desk and you will get a payment receipt.

Question:is TurMed engaged in the organization only outside of Turkey - i.e. if there are any questions or problems with the clinic, will your company help to solve this problem, or its assistance ends after the patient starts to be treated in the clinic?

Answer: TurMed Company supports and protects the rights of the patient not only at his/her departure to Turkey, but also in the course of examination and treatment before the patient’s departure home. If any questions or problems arise during your stay in the clinic, you can get in touch with us at any moment and we will solve all the problems.
Rest assured that TurMed is the representative of the best Turkish clinics and until now there have been no problems with either of them.